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release time :2020-12-15
Thank you for becoming a registered member of SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL with accumulate

reward points.



SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL Member Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") is a joint agreement between the users of SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL website (including PC terminal, mobile terminal and application program) (hereinafter referred to as "members or you") and the operator of xx points mall website, namely Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL"), on matters related to the website trading platform services. This agreement shall have the force and effect of the contract and you shall read and abide by it. Please carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions



Part 1 Confirmation of the Agreement


1. After you agree and confirm the terms of this agreement and complete the registration procedure, you may become a registered user of SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL and enjoy various services.

2. SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL reserves the right to refuse offering service, close user accounts, clear or edit contents and cancel orders independently within the scope permitted by law.


Part 2 Accounts management


In view of the particularity of network services, SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL has no obligation to check whether you use the user name and password in person. Therefore, even if you think your account login behavior is not your own, SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL may not assume any responsibility arising therefrom.



Part 3 Qualifications to join


1. All transaction customers register the company's online mall, sign the user registration protocol, and communicate with customer service personnel to confirm their order quantity, determine the number of


points to obtain, participate in the point exchange  all credit cards are allowed in China, and Visa, MasterCard, AE, JCB and other payments are allowed abroad



2. The member level system set up by the points mall is determined according to the order frequency, cooperation period, purchased products, payment method, country and so on of customers. Customers of different levels have different rights and interests


3. The user level is divided into three levels: gold, platinum and diamond. Once register, customers can become a gold member; when the annual order quantity is more than 2000 tons, become platinum customers; when the annual order quantity reaches 5000 tons, become diamond customers; platinum customers and diamond customers can enjoy membership privileges


4. In the process of point accumulation, the website has the right to cancel the qualification of users who have bad credit



Part 4 Point acquisition path


Customers can get points through transactions, and they can get one point for the good value of $1000. In addition, the mall will launch the activities of sending points and obtaining points by multiple times from time to time



Part 5 Point exchange rules


1. Customers may use the points to exchange real gifts, service, and vouchers in the online mall, and the points will be immediately deducted from the member account after successful exchange


2. If the points are exchanged for the real gift or service, the gift and service cannot be discounted into cash. The customer can choose to receive the gift when visiting or to mail the gift, but the freight


generated by the gift mailing and the possible cost of import customs clearance shall be borne by the customer


  1. Points can also be exchanged for vouchers, which can be used in later orders. The validity period is six months after the exchange. The specific exchange rules are as follows:


积分 Points

代金券 (美金)Voucher (USD)












Part 6 Description of distribution mode


  1. International postal parcel, international express, international special line and overseas warehouse delivery are mainly used, and the specific cost is calculated according to the actual situation


    Part 7 Period of validity


    The consumption points will be calculated from January 15, 2020. (If customers reorder within six months, the points will continue to be valid. All customers can participate in the bonus points program to get points.) The validity period of bonus points for marketing activities shall be subject to the announcement of specific activities.


    Part 8 Related liability



    SINO STEEL CREDIT MALL shall have the final right to interpret all point rules and activities of the mall. In addition, the mall's terms of service shall be consistent with the legal interpretation of the People's Republic of China. Users and the website agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent court in the place where the website is located. In case of any conflict between the terms of service of the website and the laws of the People's Republic of China, these terms shall be completely reinterpreted in accordance with the law, while the other terms shall remain binding on users.



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