1. Identify sinomall emails: sometimes, the emails you receive seem to come from sinomall, but they are actually fraudulent emails.These emails often guide you into a fake website that is very similar to sinomall, requiring you to provide account information, such as email addresses and passwords.These fake websites may use this information to engage in fraudulent activities after stealing your sensitive information.Some phishing emails may contain viruses or malware that steal your passwords or sensitive information.It is recommended to install antivirus software and keep it updated at all times.

2. Available browsers.

In order to enhance your shopping experience, we will update our website regularly according to the latest SSL security certificate standards to ensure information security.

You can download or update the current browser version as soon as possible, so as not to affect your shopping on sinomall.

Safety and safety tips.

Safety tip: buy goods at sinomall.

Sinomall attaches great importance to customer safety.To this end, we have introduced a number of technical protection measures to ensure the absolute security of the transaction process, and the customer information will not leak.

Most online transactions can be completed successfully, and the seller's default is very rare, but the risk already exists.Sinomall introduces the following principles to ensure that online shopping is successfully completed in a safe manner.

Buyer and seller safety tips: protect passwords.

If you use a public computer or terminal device, be sure to click "exit" after completing an online session.

Save your password.Remember, anyone who knows your password can access your account.

Create passwords with no less than 8 characters - preferably a combination of Numbers and letters.Don't use words, names, email addresses, and personal information that others can easily access.It is also recommended that you change your password frequently.

If you have multiple online accounts, do not use the same password.

Passwords are case sensitive.For example, "PASSWORD" and "PASSWORD" are two different passwords.Remember the case form you use when selecting a password.

Passwords need at least 6 characters.

Avoid passwords that others can easily guess, such as "secret", "password" or "letmein".It is also recommended that you do not use personal information that other people can easily access, such as your name and email address.

Although you are not required to do so, adding Numbers and special characters to your password can improve the security of your password.For example, the password "rivers2!"It's safer than rivers.

Protect your passwords carefully.Remember, anyone who knows your password can access your account.

Buyer safety tips: beware of strange emails or calls.

Sinomall does not require customers to provide or confirm the sinomall password, credit card number or bank account number by email or phone.This information needs to be provided only in the following situations: completing the sinomall order, registering the buyer account, directly contacting sinomall or updating my account and the seller's account area.If you receive a suspicious email, there is a link that allows you to update your account information. Please do not click enter.

If you received a suspicious E-mail, or a stranger with you, you are asked to confirm or provide a password, personal information or bank information, please do not respond, please report to sinomall, we will investigate.

Buyer tips:

The payment is safe and reliable through the sinomall shopping cart shopping, and there is a guarantee that this is a convenient way to pay for the buyer.When the buyer is on shopping in sinomall mall, we only accept the integral exchange through sinomall mall.